Strategy and Focus

Step out of your comfort zoneI watched a fantastic iPro training video with Dean Holland this morning. He outlined 6 strategy ideas to be followed in order to focus your efforts in building an online business.

The idea is to focus on a few traffic building methods like solo ads, blogging, podcasting, or banner advertising. But be consistent in how many times you perform these tasks. If you consistently write blog posts, comment in forums or other blogs then you’re slowly increasing the number of times your affiliate link is visible to potential leads.

This commitment to your business may be unfamiliar to you as you try all sorts of ways to making money, but in the end it is stepping outside of your comfort zone which will pay dividends.

We all hate public speaking but make the effort to broadcast your first scope on Periscope, make a short video on something you know lots about and share it on YouTube or Vimeo, do something you wouldn’t normally do.

Take time out to identify your strategy and focus.  Step out of you Comfort Zone today !!!!


Please feel free to share or leave a comment below if you’ve stepped out of your Comfort Zone recently.

My top 5 tips for running Solo Ads

As part of my traffic training for the iPro Partners programme I decided to try out running a solo ad with a third party provider.  Solo ads target people on another person’s email list. Although this is a paid traffic method, the idea is that the list owners are able to email their list and guarantee a pre-agreed number of clicks / visits to your website or affiliate link. The fastest way to find a solo ad provider is by searching public groups on Facebook.

Facebook Solo Ads GroupsSelect one of the groups and click the Join Group button. You will need to wait for the group owner to approve your membership, but once a member you can start searching the many testimonials left by other marketers.  Next, you should select someone based on the reviews then send them a FB message to ask them about their service.  Clicks can cost anything from $0.40 to $0.70 per click.  You will usually pay upfront via PayPal.  You will need to provide the URL for your affiliate link then ask if the provider will create the swipe for the ad, or if you need to prepare one (which you will usually find in your affiliate members area).


Top 5 tips for running Solo Ads

  1. Ask about conversion rates to ensure a great percentage of optins from clicks (30 – 50%)
  2. Make sure you or your provider tracks the clicks
  3. Select a provider with over 70% tier 1 subscribers (ie, UK, USA, Canada and Australia)
  4. Ask if the provider has advertised your affiliate product recently
  5. Ask how often the list is refreshed (ie, adding new subscribers)

I received the majority of my clicks within a few hours of the email being sent.  I received an opt-in rate of approx 32% but no confirmed orders to date.  I understand the follow-up email sequence is very good so I hope to see sales very soon.

I was also sent a click tracking report by the Solo Ads Provider which showed me the number of clicks, % of Tier 1 list members, number of unique IPs and mobile clicks.  There was also a chart showing demographic spread in more detail.

solo ads report

I will provide an update as soon as I see any results, ie, sales !


Please feel free to share or leave a comment below and let me know if you use solo ads as a traffic method for your business.

Periscope – the Internet Marketer’s Secret Weapon

Periscope logoThe use of Periscope as a communication tool for internet marketers seems to have taken off over the last few weeks.  Some of the industry guru’s are using it as a lead generator and giving away free info on an almost daily basis.  Of course, the intention will be to gain a huge gang of followers and sell them a training course of some description in the coming weeks or months.

You may not know that Periscope is owned by Twitter who bought it in February 2015.  All your followers on Twitter can be added as contacts on Periscope so that when you start a live scope they receive a notification telling them you’re online now.

What is Periscope?

Periscope allows you to use your smart phone to broadcast live to your followers wherever you are. The app (which is available on iOS and Android) enables you to become your own “on the go” broadcasting station, streaming video and audio to any viewers who join your broadcast.  The show is recorded and remains available on Periscope for 24 hours to watch as a replay.

I’ve picked up loads of amazing tips and tricks for how to use Periscope and attract more followers, keep them engaged, and go crazy for your scopes (broadcasts) which I will share on my next few posts.

Please feel free to share or leave a comment if you have any questions or have experience using Periscope.


‘Create Your Own Blog’ Video Training

Following the advice of my mentor at the time, I decided to start my own blog last year.  While I was setting up the blog I recorded every step so I could use it to create a product all about how to create your own blog.  In an effort to bring traffic to my blog I uploaded the videos to YouTube.  The content is still relevant so I’ve decided to make them available on a dedicated page HERE.  I hope to add to this video series very soon.


How to Purchase Your Own Domain  How to Configure Your Domain and DNS  How to Install WordPress


As always, I welcome your comments.  Cheers !!!

Vision Boards

toyota_gt86Wow !!! I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt this week from the training I’m getting from Dean Holland and his team.  Some of it I was already familiar with, but a refresh along with really high level marketing techniques have taken my knowledge to another level – more of which, later.


I have been aware of the idea of vision boards from previous reading but have never really thought about doing one for myself.  So last night I decided to have a really good think about where I want to be in the future and how success would change mine and my family’s lifestyle.

I started off with the people that mean the most to me – my family so I found a photo from our recent amazing trip to beautiful Australia where we are all smiling and happy.  A happy family has to be the ultimate goal (not to say that they’re all miserable now!).  I also included a picture of the latest addition to the Moss family – our brand new puppy Max.

I must add that my Vision Board has been created in Powerpoint which gives me the opportunity to view it wherever I go, ie, on my computer or on my phone.  It’s important to look at your board every day to help you to initially identify your vision and give it clarity, then to reinforce your daily affirmations and keep your attention on your intentions and goals.

My next slide shows the type of house I aspire to live in, although I should think about where that might be.  I then found images of my ideal car (and family car) followed by the type of holidays I would like to take (although our visit to Australia this year is going to take some beating!).

I then turned to inspirational words and images to paint a picture of my future success and financial status.  This is just the start and I would love to hear your thoughts on what you include on your own vision board.  Also let me know if you would like to see screenshots from my board.


Please feel free to share or leave a comment below about how you use vision boards to visualize your dreams and aspirations.


My Internet Marketing Journey begins … again !!

23 Mar 2005, Hawaii, Hawaii, USA --- Hilly Road --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisI’m not really sure where the last 9 years have gone but I first took my first tentative steps in the world of making money online back in 2006.  I attended the 4-day, grandly titled World Internet Summit at the Wembley Conference Centre (London) in June of that year.

On stage were some of the most well known internet marketers of the time – some of which are still around and still very successful today.  Speakers included Brett McFall and Tom Hua (the organisers), Alan Forrest-Smith, David Cavanagh, Mike Filsaime, Morgan Westerman and Stephen Pierce to name just a few.

Many of the ideas shared during the seminar are also still valid today.  Had I taken the sensible approach and dedicated time to learning and applying the techniques and methods shared at the conference, I can imagine I would now be financially comfortable working for myself and not still working for someone else with the 9-5 Monday to Friday job.

So, it’s time to start again.

But why now?

Now is the time to relieve some of the financial burden I have placed on myself over the last 5 years with new house, cars, static caravan purchases and various holidays.  I have continued to follow a number of experts (or gurus) over the years including Rich Schefren, Michael Cheney and Alex Jeffreys.

These guys continue to share invaluable knowledge in their emails, and occasionally I click on their offers to see what is going on in the IM world.

Recently I became aware of multiple offers for Dean Holland’s Big Commission Blueprint which was reasonably priced and promoted by one of internet marketing’s good guys Michael Cheney.  Michaels’ bonus, the Big Commission Bootcamp, was actually worth the Blueprint purchase price alone.  As part of his Bootcamp video Michael mentioned his Commission Machine training which was also a no-brainer to invest in based on content and price.

Every time I’ve invested in a product or training in this niche I have always looked for shortcuts and ways to do things faster to make money quicker.  But, as I’ve learned to my extreme cost this is never the case.  You can only make money on the internet through hard work, dedication and perseverance.  So this is what I’m going to do.  Time to knuckle down and follow these excellent training courses from Michael and Dean Holland (iPro Partners).


Watch this space !!!


Please feel free to share or leave a comment below if you’re new to internet marketing and just starting your journey.