VIDEO TRAINING – How to Create Your Own Blog

Follow these simple step-by-step videos to create your own blog.


STEP ONE : How to Purchase a Domain

This video takes you through the process to select and purchase a domain name for your blog. There are many domain name providers including 1and1, GoDaddy but I’ve been using for a number of years now so highly recommend it for competitive pricing and easy admin.

Please post any questions you may have below the video. Thanks!



STEP TWO : How To Configure Your Domain Name and DNS Settings

This short video takes you through the steps to configure your domain with your web host. My web host is 1and1 which is quite different to hosts which use a control panel called CPanel. Please remember you will have to wait up to 12 hours for the new DNS settings to take effect.


STEP THREE : How To Install WordPress 

The first two videos in this training series showed you how to select then purchase a new domain name for your first blog. You were also shown how to configure the domain with your web host. This video shows you how to install WordPress using 1and1 Click and Build functionality.