Periscope logoPeriscope is growing by thousands of users every day.  As more people get online you need to find clever ways to get yourself noticed if you want people to watch your scope and follow you.  On Aug 12, 2015 it was announced that Periscope had reached over 10 million users, just 4 months after it was launched. It was noted that over 40 years of video was being watched per day.  So how many users must there be now?  Double that?

Periscope is being used for many different purposes but it can be used by you as an internet marketing tool.  By amassing new followers each and every time you broadcast you can gain a completely new set of leads who have got to know you and earn their trust.

So how can YOU get noticed on Periscope??

  1. Make your Scope stand out by using emoticons in your session title.  Include one at the start and one at the end of your title to make it look a little different to everyone else.
  2. Think about what people might be looking for, eg, use a ‘How to … ‘ headline or ‘The number one easiest way to … ‘
  3. Check your headline for typo’s so nobody thinks you’re an illiterate idiot.

Just in case anyone was offended by number 3, here’s a BONUS secret trick.

  • Your Periscope broadcasts are only available on the app or the website for 24 hours BUT you can use a secret site called to store them for longer.  This site also allows you to pause, rewind or forward videos giving you greater control than in the Periscope app.  You are given your own page just like on Periscope where your followers can find all of your old recorded scopes.

Please feel free to share or leave a comment below if you think you could use Periscope to attract more people to your business.