Affiliate Marketing can be really difficult if you don’t approach it in the right way.  This short post will hopefully help you understand the basic steps in finding the best product to promote.

First of all you need to know the target market really well, then find the biggest pain points.  More importantly, solutions to these pain points must not be easily found on the internet.

If you’re close to your target market, you will already know where the pain points are and therefore, you are in a much better position to help find a solution.

Selecting the right product to promote is the next step so choose carefully and make sure it adds value in helping your customers’ problems.  If you can’t find something suitable you may be better placed to create your own product, but that’s not necessarily a task for the beginner.

You now need to promote your selected product.  There are so many different ways to promote and get visitors to see your offer but it is always best to study one or maybe two traffic strategies to begin with.

Go to where your customers are hanging out.  If this is a market you really know then you probably know which websites and forums they can be found.  Forums are great because people spend quite a lot of time complaining about things and airing their problems, so it’s ideal that you can come along and offer them a solution.

Before you redirect them to your offer make sure you collect their details along the way so you can get in touch with them again.  Create a simple ‘squeeze’ page where all they have to do is fill in at least their email address, they click a button which sends them to your offer.

You are now starting to build a list of subscribers who are interested in the products you are promoting, so you can send them emails again and again knowing you’re more likely to make a sale.

Hope this very quick overview of affiliate marketing provides you with a better idea of where to start so please leave me a comment or share if you think it has been useful.