taking actionRather short impromptu post today because I’m about to make changes to my website following the lead of an iPro Partner friend of mine Munir Ahmed.  Munir recently broadcast a really great show on Periscope explaining how he made his first 4 figure day.

We had previously chatted on Facebook about how he was starting to bring traffic to his site using the Warrior Forum.  I had also watched traffic training videos from Dean Holland around forum marketing and Warrior was one of the sites he suggested.

So today I took time out of my ‘busy’ work day to see if I could find a couple of threads I could post replies to – always with the aim of helping first (the money comes later … I hope).  Whilst searching I visited my profile page and added more details including my Facebook page, Twitter username and of course my website.  But whilst checking that page I realised to my horror that I’d joined the Warrior Forum SIX years ago !!!  Yes, SIX and hadn’t posted anything EVER !!!

I felt ashamed that although I’ve tried all sorts of different marketing tactics and invested many thousands of pounds over the years (since 2006 actually), I had never taken the straightforward simple step of taking action by doing exactly what some other marketer (don’t know who) had told me to do SIX years ago.

So, after posting two replies on different threads I have finally taken action and learned an invaluable lesson. Taking action is the key and procrastination will never make any sales!! As part of my marketing strategy I aim to find one or two Warrior Forum threads to post on every day and write a well considered, informative and helpful reply.  That means within a couple of weeks I should have enough posts to add my own links to my forum signature and attract visitors to either my website or to the iPro sales funnel exactly as my good friend Munir is doing today.

My next big achievement since watching Michael Cheney’s first Periscope a few weeks’ ago will be to broadcast my own first scope … but one step at a time 😉 !!

Please feel free to share or leave a comment below to make sure I’m not the only procrastinator around here.