I attended an amazing webinar last night hosted by John Thornhill and featuring Michael Cheney.  The content of the webinar was awesome and culminated in a well deserved, and not unexpected pitch for Michael’s latest offering.  Purchasing the product was a complete no-brainer, but the clincher was the fact that John made a fast action bonus offer I couldn’t refuse during the last 20 minutes of the webinar.

The content was over, the offer from Michael was clear, and the bonuses added by John were really great compliments to the overall package.  Then, the clincher was revealed.  John offered a Live Action Takers bonus.  If I signed up to the already fantastic product package before the 20 minute timer reached zero, I would get some frankly unbelievable additional bonuses.  I couldn’t get my credit card out fast enough – even though it was almost 01:00 am!  Without this ‘convincer’ I’m fairly sure I would have waited until the morning and mulled over the idea of buying – possibly resulting in a decision not to buy.

Do the unexpected.  Make your audience an offer they can’t refuse.  It has to be jam-packed with value and encourage them to act immediately, rather than taking the risk they won’t buy.  Personally, I can’t wait to get started.  Watch this space !!