toyota_gt86Wow !!! I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt this week from the training I’m getting from Dean Holland and his team.  Some of it I was already familiar with, but a refresh along with really high level marketing techniques have taken my knowledge to another level – more of which, later.


I have been aware of the idea of vision boards from previous reading but have never really thought about doing one for myself.  So last night I decided to have a really good think about where I want to be in the future and how success would change mine and my family’s lifestyle.

I started off with the people that mean the most to me – my family so I found a photo from our recent amazing trip to beautiful Australia where we are all smiling and happy.  A happy family has to be the ultimate goal (not to say that they’re all miserable now!).  I also included a picture of the latest addition to the Moss family – our brand new puppy Max.

I must add that my Vision Board has been created in Powerpoint which gives me the opportunity to view it wherever I go, ie, on my computer or on my phone.  It’s important to look at your board every day to help you to initially identify your vision and give it clarity, then to reinforce your daily affirmations and keep your attention on your intentions and goals.

My next slide shows the type of house I aspire to live in, although I should think about where that might be.  I then found images of my ideal car (and family car) followed by the type of holidays I would like to take (although our visit to Australia this year is going to take some beating!).

I then turned to inspirational words and images to paint a picture of my future success and financial status.  This is just the start and I would love to hear your thoughts on what you include on your own vision board.  Also let me know if you would like to see screenshots from my board.


Please feel free to share or leave a comment below about how you use vision boards to visualize your dreams and aspirations.