So, you have a webinar coming up. I suspect you’re really excited about presenting amazing content to your audience, but you are worried that not as many will come as you’d like. Perhaps your last webinar didn’t go as well as you would have liked?  Well, you can often double or even triple your attendees with one simple thing: a webinar teaser video.

What is a Teaser Video?

Have you seen a movie trailer? If not, you really should get on YouTube more often. A webinar teaser video is like a movie trailer for your webinar. It should result in people foaming at the mouth to get the information you are sharing.

You could have a professional video, which costs several hundred dollars at minimum, or you can outsource everything including voice work, whiteboard animation, video presentation and other elements to Fiverr. You could get stock music and footage online as well for a nominal fee.

Reasons Your Teaser Video Will Attract Attendees

Here are several reasons that show what a teaser video will do for the people who see it.

– Viewers will see that you aren’t just an amateur with a slideshow presentation. They will consider you a professional speaker or instructor with the right teaser video and this will make them want to come if they are interested in the subject matter at all.

– You will be able to get your content across much more effectively. People may not realize what your webinar is about or how much it will benefit them from your description or Twitter posts. But they will probably be much clearer about it after seeing a professionally produced video.

– You can include some aspects of the presentation that give them information they can’t get anywhere else. You can even play short clips from a past presentation so that they can see just how good your webinars are.

– If people like your video, the likes and comments that it gets will give people even more motivation to sign up.

– Posting a video on as many of the video upload sites as possible will mean that you reach a much wider audience and pitch your webinar to people that may not have known about it otherwise.

– Videos are much more popular ways to share on social media so you will be spreading your message wider and farther.

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