Step out of your comfort zoneI watched a fantastic iPro training video with Dean Holland this morning. He outlined 6 strategy ideas to be followed in order to focus your efforts in building an online business.

The idea is to focus on a few traffic building methods like solo ads, blogging, podcasting, or banner advertising. But be consistent in how many times you perform these tasks. If you consistently write blog posts, comment in forums or other blogs then you’re slowly increasing the number of times your affiliate link is visible to potential leads.

This commitment to your business may be unfamiliar to you as you try all sorts of ways to making money, but in the end it is stepping outside of your comfort zone which will pay dividends.

We all hate public speaking but make the effort to broadcast your first scope on Periscope, make a short video on something you know lots about and share it on YouTube or Vimeo, do something you wouldn’t normally do.

Take time out to identify your strategy and focus.  Step out of you Comfort Zone today !!!!


Please feel free to share or leave a comment below if you’ve stepped out of your Comfort Zone recently.