As part of my traffic training for the iPro Partners programme I decided to try out running a solo ad with a third party provider.  Solo ads target people on another person’s email list. Although this is a paid traffic method, the idea is that the list owners are able to email their list and guarantee a pre-agreed number of clicks / visits to your website or affiliate link. The fastest way to find a solo ad provider is by searching public groups on Facebook.

Facebook Solo Ads GroupsSelect one of the groups and click the Join Group button. You will need to wait for the group owner to approve your membership, but once a member you can start searching the many testimonials left by other marketers.  Next, you should select someone based on the reviews then send them a FB message to ask them about their service.  Clicks can cost anything from $0.40 to $0.70 per click.  You will usually pay upfront via PayPal.  You will need to provide the URL for your affiliate link then ask if the provider will create the swipe for the ad, or if you need to prepare one (which you will usually find in your affiliate members area).


Top 5 tips for running Solo Ads

  1. Ask about conversion rates to ensure a great percentage of optins from clicks (30 – 50%)
  2. Make sure you or your provider tracks the clicks
  3. Select a provider with over 70% tier 1 subscribers (ie, UK, USA, Canada and Australia)
  4. Ask if the provider has advertised your affiliate product recently
  5. Ask how often the list is refreshed (ie, adding new subscribers)

I received the majority of my clicks within a few hours of the email being sent.  I received an opt-in rate of approx 32% but no confirmed orders to date.  I understand the follow-up email sequence is very good so I hope to see sales very soon.

I was also sent a click tracking report by the Solo Ads Provider which showed me the number of clicks, % of Tier 1 list members, number of unique IPs and mobile clicks.  There was also a chart showing demographic spread in more detail.

solo ads report

I will provide an update as soon as I see any results, ie, sales !


Please feel free to share or leave a comment below and let me know if you use solo ads as a traffic method for your business.