How do you find exactly the right people to market your products to?  Where are they hiding and what do you need to do to have the best chance of selling to them once you’ve found them?

Facebook is the place!

The Facebook Ads Manager is so powerful that it can help you to understand how much your targets earn, how much their house is worth, their interests and even what job they do.  Imagine being able to advertise directly to visitors who have been to your website but didn’t buy your product?  Wouldn’t it be great to reach them on Facebook even though they didn’t opt-in at your landing page, or maybe they added a product to the shopping cart but didn’t go ahead and buy? Even those who signed up, received the free offer but didn’t continue through your funnel?

This is all possible using Facebook ads.  But, the big question is how easy is this?  Advertising on Facebook can be a minefield and you could end up spending 10 times your original budget with no sales or affiliate commissions to show for it.  You need to understand how to do this properly because you’re not doing this to line the pockets of the Facebook execs … you want to fill your own bank account!

Fortunately, I think I’ve found the right man for the job.  This bloke knows how.  This legend of Internet Marketing knows the right buttons to push AND when to push them.  I’ve learnt so much from just 30 minutes of his training.  You can learn this too and much more including …

  • How To Unleash A “Money-Cloning Machine” That Duplicates Your Facebook Profits Without Duplicating Your Effort!
  • The Secret Free Software The Pros Use To Crush It With Facebook
  • The Fool-Proof Formula For Creating Fast-Cash Facebook Funnels
  • The Secret To Getting 40% Opt-in Rates And HIGHER Directly On Facebook
  • The Closely-Guarded Secret The “Facebook Mafia” Use To Get Hundreds Of Leads A Day From Facebook

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