find your profitable nicheSo, you want to be an affiliate marketer but don’t know what you’re going to promote?  When trying to find a profitable niche, you may receive the standard advice, “Do what you love.”

While this isn’t wrong, doing what you love isn’t enough.

Just because you love something doesn’t mean you’ll be able to make any money from it.

Here are a few things to consider when trying to decide your target market.

  • Take the time to brainstorm all the possible niche ideas that you can.  What subject have you read five books about?  What are you good at?  What could you show someone else how to do?
  • Are you able to quickly target a particular market?  What type of ads do you keep seeing on Facebook?  Could you target that market?  You need to find a market that’s easy to target.
  • What are people already buying?  Your market must have hungry buyers.  What products or services are your competitors already selling?
  • What is the core problem in the niche market?  What is their core pain point?  What are their desires?  In other words, what motivates these people to make a purchase?
  • Offer a better solution.  This could be a cheaper or more complete solution.  Give the customer what they want and provide as much additional value as you can.

Of course, you must identify your ideal client so you know you’re attracting the right customer.  You have to be sure they have a specific need which they haven’t found a solution for yet.

So, find the right niche market and provide the right offer to your ideal customers.

You’ll gain so much satisfaction knowing you are truly helping people find the right solution to their problems.

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