funnelIf you’re hoping to build an income online using affiliate marketing products it’s important to understand that some products work better with a sales funnel approach than others.  You need to find affiliate products with a great conversion rate and preferably a higher commission (greater than 40%). Although this is one of the most important considerations in choosing products to promote, it’s not the only thing you need to consider.

What is a Sales Funnel Product?

If you’re a newbie you may not know this, but a sales funnel affiliate product has a single product at the front-end and then a number of other products at the back-end.  In order to sell as an affiliate the best approach is to create a landing page where you will pre-sell the product.  This is simply a place to prepare your visitor to be a potential customer later on.  When the visitor moves from your landing page (where you will collect their email address) to the affiliate’s product page, this is the sales page. Sales that occur there are called front-end sales.  NOTE – if you collect their email address you will be able to contact them again the future to sell them other products or services.

Building a Relationship

Once the visitor becomes a customer on the sales page, other products in the funnel are promoted for the customer to buy.  These are called back-end sales. So, initially you use traffic techniques to send a visitor to the sales page as a potential customer to buy a single product, where in turn they become a paying customer.  Following that they are presented with other great (usually complimentary) products in the funnel and hopefully will spend more money. You are paid commission on both front-end and back- end sales.

Maximize Your Income

You should offer products that provide both solid front-end and strong back-end sales to maximize your income.  If you take your time, do thorough research, and learn what various affiliates have to offer in their respective funnels you can choose the ones that fit your niche, and of course pays the best commission.  You can then build a highly successful sales channels using sales funnels. Your customers and potential customers come to trust you as an expert they believe and can rely upon, and that will translate to good sales and healthy commissions.

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