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4 Easy-to-Follow Modules Covering Everything You Need to Create Your Own 3D Custom Covers

Learn all the steps to produce your own stunning covers in less than 20 minutes!

Module 1

Step 1

Focus on the purpose of the cover you want to create.  Is it for your own product?  Do you want to re-brand a cover for a PLR ebook / software?  Do you want to learn a new skill and create covers for other people? 

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Module 2

Step 1

Using a free to use online tool, create your 2D cover from a blank page or using one of the many templates available.  Simply add the title, sub-heading and author.  Save the design and you’re one step closer to your own custom creation!

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Module 3

Step 1

Follow the instructions in Module 3 to design a spine for your 3D image.  Using software you (probably) already have on your computer, create your book spine in a few simple steps.

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Module 4

Step 1

Module 4 brings everything together using another free-to-use online tool which allows you to create a variety of product images.  Your personal custom design will be ready to download in just a few clicks! 

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You have complete control over the designCreate your own templates to use with your other productsNo need to waste time making changes to your designLearn a new skillStart your own business creating 3D covers for other people

Your Questions Answered

How long will this take me?

By following the steps in the videos, the whole process should take less than 20 minutes.  But as you get better at creating your own images, you could easily do it all in less than 10 minutes.

Do I need any technical skills?

No, all of the steps to create the images are laid out in simple-to-follow instructions.  If you struggle with a step, stop the video, go back and check you have completed everything demonstrated. 

Do I need to buy anything else?

No, all of the online tools are free to use and it is likely you will have the required PC software installed on your computer already.  If not, alternative tools are available on the Internet.

What can I use 3D cover images for?

You can create images for your own eBooks, training videos or software packages.  You could display the product images on your opt-in or customer capture page.  If you have a newsletter you could even create an eCover for that. 

Can I use my own photos?

Yes, the online software tool allows you to import your own photos from your computer or phone, and you can feature them on your book covers. 

Can you help me?

Although all of the steps are laid out in the video series in a simple-to-follow format, I am happy to provide help if you need it.  However, if it requires more than just a few minutes of my time we will have to meet via zoom or Facebook to discuss how I can help.

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About Your Coach

Jon Moss

Jon has been online since 2006.  His ‘day job’ is working in an IT environment so he has picked up a huge variety of technical skills during his career.  Jon enjoys teaching others with a simple to follow approach, and is happy to help you with all technical aspects of working online.  From creating covers for your eBooks, to designing landing pages to capture prospects’ email address, to even working closely with you to design your website or blog. 

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