Recently,  I've taken a different approach to my trading.  I continue to learn about new strategies and indicators, but most of my trades are focused on trending markets.  I’ve also joined a monthly paid group and subscribed to a premium signals service.

To continue my trading education, I've found loads of really great training resources available on YouTube which I follow regularly and have subscriptions to make sure I don't miss new videos.  These are:-

·  Trading 212

·  Sasan FX1

·  Naked Forex

·  No Nonsense Forex

·  Rayner Teo

·  ForexSignals TV

After following Andrew Lockwood on ForexSignals TV for the last 6 months I decided to invest in his monthly subscription at $97 per month.  This is definitely worth a look.  The website has a range of fantastic training for beginners to more experienced traders and offer a number of really great trading indicators to download which complement the strategies they use and teach.

The dashboard on the site helps you track progress of your training and they broadcast live on the website multiple times a day to reach all corners of the globe.  There is also a live chat where you can communicate with your fellow traders as they share their thoughts on the market and post detailed charts with supporting commentary.  I highly recommend taking their 7 day free trial which you can access here.*

The recommended broker for ForexSignals is Blueberry Markets.  I've opened an account with them and although their spreads aren't the lowest I've seen they send out a Trade of the Day notification via SMS and Telegram.  These are typically successful trades and come with a screenshot of the chart and an explanation for why the trade has been selected.  You can open an account with them here.*

I am usually sceptical about trading signals services, but I signed up to receive alerts from Massive Pips a few months back.  I had originally found their Telegram channel where they provide free daily signals, but after a few weeks of really great results I signed up for their Premium signals service.  They send out multiple alerts each day, but it is up to the individual to decide which ones to take and determine the level of risk to assign to each trade.  You can find their free signals service on Telegram here.

Finally, I recommend you visit the TNT Forex Solutions group on Facebook which is run by a couple of highly experienced trading veterans.  There is a fortnightly live session on a Thursday which teaches a really successful trading strategy.  You can ask questions in the group and get answers very quickly.  The group is a closed group so you will need to submit a request to join.  You can find the group here.

Please feel free to contact me about any of this.  I’m happy to help you.  Find me on Facebook or drop an email to

Happy trading .

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