Author: Jon Moss

Should You Trade Or Invest In Bitcoin?

This is a subject quite close to my heart because as well as owning Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, I like to trade them using a traditional broker such as JAFX. Trading and investing may sound the same, but in reality,…

Cryptocurrency Scams – Red Flags!

Unfortunately, cryptocurrency scams seem to be catching out a lot of people who are new to the crypto world. Con artists prey on those of us who don’t know the difference between a real crypto platform and a fake one,…

1000s of Royalty Free Images for Nothing? Really?

I stumbled across Pixabay about 6 months ago and signed up for a free account when I was searching for a few images for my website.  The site is so easy to use and gives you access to thousands of amazing photographs and images in loads of different categories.

All you have to do is upload some of your own photos that you’re willing to share with others so that you can have access to the huge selection available from other Pixabay users.

I’ve recorded a short video to give you an over-the-shoulder view of the website ( and hope you find it really useful.

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